Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Your New Clearing House For All Things Tree Tube Related!

Welcome to Tree Tubes Forum!

This site is intended to be a clearing house of information on Tree Tubes - in our humble opinion the most revolutionary development in tree planting since... well, since the acorn/nut/seed.

In this blog we'll be looking at:

The history of tree tubes (a.k.a. treeshelters or tree protectors, depending on who you talk to!) - How a "hare brained" idea by a British forester took the tree planting world by storm, and how key innovations and design changes adapted tree tubes for use in the extreme climates of North America.

Tree tube design - We'll go in depth into what makes a superior tree tube.  Does color matter?  The importance of proper ventilation.  Durability.  UV resistance.  Degradability. 

Tree tube tips - How to get the best performance from your newly planted trees and tree tubes.

Grower stories - Make this your place to brag up your tree planting project!  Got an oak that grew 6 feet in one summer in a tree tube?  Tell us about it!  We'll cover grower stories, from commercial forestry operations using tree tubes to successfully establish high quality hardwood trees in the face of unprecedented levels of deer browse, to private landowners planting trees to turn their land into a wildlife paradise, to homeowners who have figured out that's it's a whole lot smarter to plant a small seedling with a tree tube as compared to a big tree grown in a nursery.

In short this blog will be your info source for how to get from seedling to tree faster than you ever dreamed possible... Consider this blog the "Hot Rod Magazine" of tree planting.

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